Academic Coaching and Consultations

The Student Learning Center believes in every students' ability to be self-directed learners, leading to success inside and outside the classroom. By teaching specific strategies focused on building self-awareness and academic resourcefulness, students are empowered to make positive and impactful changes in their lives. With this in mind, the Student Learning Center offers two different services to assist students in identifying personal academic challenges, discussing research-based academic success strategies, and creating academic success plans to help you, as a student, reach your academic goals. See the descriptions of Peer Academic Coaching and Academic Consultations below to learn more. 

Peer Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaches (PACs) are academically successful upperclassmen students who are trained to provide coaching for academic success skills.

Topics include:

  • time management, 
  • study strategies, 
  • managing procrastination,
  • organization, 
  • identifying campus resources, 
  • goal-setting, 
  • virtual learning, 
  • etc.

PACs are able to work with students across all majors. In-person and virtual appointments are available. 

Students can meet weekly (or less regularly) with a PAC to develop academic success skills and work toward your goals through a personalized academic plan. 

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Community and Academic Strategy Hour (CASH) Sessions- Open for all students!

Each week, Peer Academic Coaches (PACs) will offer several drop-in sessions where students can learn about a specific topic and have time to discuss academic difficulties and create success plans. 

Topics include:

  • Time Management and Procrastination
  • Organization and Academic Habits
  • Goal-Setting and Academic Behaviors
  • Note-taking and Academic Reading
  • Stress Management and Tackling Test Anxiety
  • Final exam preparation

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Academic Consultations

One-time individual study skills consultations with a college study skills specialist are available year-round to students. In these meetings, students have a chance to describe their academic goals and challenges, and learn about  strategies to help overcome those challenges and achieve the goals identified.

Topics might include:

General study skills, note-taking methods, time management, active study methods, efficiency in reading, test-taking skills, stress management, organizational skills, concentration, fighting procrastination & improving motivation.

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Please note that students seeking feedback on written assignments should take advantage of individual consultations at the Writing Center. Find out more at