Resources & Strategies

The Student Learning Center is dedicated to helping students succeed throughout their academic journey. Many of the services and supports assist students in developing and enhancing their skills for academic success, including time management, effective study skills and connecting with appropriate campus resources.

Four-Year Roadmap

Roadmap iconThe four-year roadmap provides a concise guide for getting the most out of your academic college experience from start to finish.

Use the roadmap as a guide for planning and optimizing your own academic journey.

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Communicating with Professors

Instructors iconDeveloping strong communication skills with your professors, advisors and other university staff - both in-person and virtually - is essential for a successful academic journey and can greatly enhance your learning experience.

Learn some tips for successful communication

Time Management and Effective Study Skills

Study skills iconLearn how you can master time management, power reading, and effective study techniques through strategic tips and for-credit academic success courses.

View tips for time management and study skills

Effective Note-Taking

Notes iconEffective note-taking is a skill that can transform your college experience by enhancing your understanding, retention, and organization of course material. There are a variety of styles and strategies for taking notes to help fit your learning style and specific course material needs.

Learn more about the art of note-taking

Standardized Testing and Test Prep Skills

Testing Services offers a wide variety of tests, including tests for licensure, certifications and graduate school requirements. Test taking tips and other test preparation resources for standardized testing are also available.

Request an Academic Strategy Workshop

Request an Academic Strategy Workshop

Student Learning Center staff can speak on a variety of topics with respect to student success.
Submit a request to have a member of our staff present to your class or other university organization, or request to have a peer tutor speak with your students about tutoring options.