ATTN: There will be NO Drop-in Tutoring on Tuesday, 11/21/2023, due to Thanksgiving Break. Thank you!


Subject-specific peer tutoring is available both in-person and via Zoom for currently enrolled undergraduate students. Tutoring is free and available by appointment and weekly group study sessions.

** Please note that the last day to request tutoring, for courses we do not currently offering tutoring for, was Wednesday, October 25th at 4 pm.

The last day of tutoring for Fall 2023 will be Tuesday, December 5th after regularly scheduled drop-in tutoring.

Fall 2023 Drop-In: 

  • Math/Stats | Monday - Thursday, 5 -8 pm in room 208 DD Dougherty. 
    • Monday - Thursday, 8 - 10 pm on Zoom
      • *Please make sure you are logged in with your appstate email in order to gain access to the Zoom room.
  • Business/Business Calc | Monday - Thursday, 5 -8 pm in room 208 DD Dougherty.
    • Includes tutoring for Economics, Economic Statistics, Accounting, Finance, Supply Chain Management, and CIS 1060. Tutoring for these subjects are offered on *specific days:
      • Monday: ECO 2100/2200, ACC 2100/2110, MAT 1035, SCM 3650, ECO 2030/2040/3020, FIN 3100/3680, CIS 1060, LAW 2150.
      • Tuesday: FIN 3100/3680, MAT 1035, ACC 2100/2110/3100/3110, SCM 3650, ECO 2030/2040, CIS 1060, LAW 2150.
      • Wednesday: FIN 3100/3680/3690/3790/3990/4750/4850/4950, ACC 2100/2110/3100/3110, MAT 1035, ECO 2040, CIS 1060, LAW 2150.
      • Thursday: FIN 3100/3680, ACC 2100/2110, ECO 2030/2040/3020, MAT 1035, CIS 1060, LAW 2150.
  • Physics/Astronomy | Monday - Thursday, 5 -8 pm in room 208 DD Dougherty.
  • Computer Science | Monday - Thursday, 5:30 - 8:30 pm in room 241 DD Dougherty.
  • American Sign Language (ASL)
    • Monday | 5 - 7 pm on Zoom (access Zoom link through TracCloud search).
    • Tuesday | 12 - 2 pm in room 208 DD Dougherty.
    • Thursday | 5 -7 pm on Zoom (access Zoom link through TracCloud search).
    • Friday | 1 - 3 pm in room 208 DD Dougherty.
Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an Appointment

Make appointments and view drop-in schedules for tutoring, academic success coaching, writing center, and academic advising in TracCloud.

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Tutoring Options

Appointment-Based Tutoring

Tutors are:

  • Undergraduate students at Appalachian
  • Approved by the academic department relative to your course
  • Trained in learning skills and has demonstrated proficiency in these areas
  • Either pursuing or currently certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA)

Drop-In Tutoring

If you are unsure about the need for a regular appointment and just want a setting to work on your assignments and ask questions as they arise, you may want to consider attending Drop-In Tutoring either in person or via Zoom.

Drop-In Tutoring has posted hours and does not require you to commit to regular attendance.

LEAD Tutoring

LEAD Tutoring in Chemistry and Physics is a supplemental instruction program designed to help students gain a better understanding of the course content, improve study skills, meet new people and improve grades. Studies show that students who attend this form of tutoring regularly can earn up to a letter grade higher than those who choose not to attend.

Attend LEAD Tutoring to get together with your classmates and compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying the subject, and test yourself before an exam.

Attendance and Expectations

Students in all tutoring sessions should arrive on time, be prepared for the session, participate actively, and stay for the entire appointment. Learn more about tutoring attendance and expections to ensure you understand and are able to get the most out of your experience.

Requests for Accommodations

Contact the Office of Access and Equity: Disability Resources if you need accommodations due to a disability. Requests for accommodations should be made at least two weeks prior to an Academic Success Workshop or appointment-based service.