Academic Success & Resilience

The Student Learning Center promotes and supports the academic success and resilience of students by providing comprehensive academic programming and skill development in a variety of formats, free of charge.

Academic Success Courses

Academic success coursesStudents who wish to build on their academic skills in various areas, including time management, study strategies, reading efficiency, and other areas, may consider registering for a 1-credit hour graded elective academic success course.

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Academic Success Coaching

academic success coachingThe Student Learning Center offers a variety of options for helping you identify personal academic challenges and creating a success plan that meets your needs, including one-on-one coaching.

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Drop-In Support

drop-in supportThe Student Learning Center offers a variety of drop-in support options for students who are seeking academic support or resources and strategies for learning.

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Students on Probation

The goal of the Academic Resilience Program is to empower students who are on academic probation to become active participants in the process of their educational journey, to reach their academic goals, achieve their academic potential, and regain good academic standing.

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