Students on Probation

The goal of the Academic Resilience Program is to empower students who are on Academic Probation to become active participants in the process of their educational journey, to reach their academic goals, achieve their academic potential, and regain good academic standing.

Academic Resilience and Probation Programs

The requirements for students on academic probation are determined by the student's college and their probation status.

Find your college

Not sure which college you're in? You can find your college listed under "Curriculum, Hours & GPA" in your Student Profile in Appalnet.

Hickory & App State Online Students

Find Academic Probation Information for students that are enrolled through the Hickory campus or App State Online.

Students in University College and Undeclared Majors

Academic Resilience I

Students who are in University College (undeclared majors) and

  • are in their first term of academic probation
  • have successfully appealed academic suspension

are required to participate in Academic Resilience I.

Academic Resilience II

Students who are in University College (undeclared majors) and are on continued probation (second semester on probation) are required to participate in Academic Resilience II.

Students in Other Academic Colleges

Academic Success Workshop

Students in the following colleges who are on in their first term of academic probation are required to attend an Academic Success Workshop:

  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • Beaver College of Health Sciences
  • Hayes School of Music
  • Walker College of Business
  • Reich College of Education
  • College of Fine and Applied Arts
  • Honors College

Requests for Accommodations

Contact the Office of Access and Equity: Disability Resources if you need accommodations due to a disability. Requests for accommodations should be made at least two weeks prior to an Academic Success Workshop or appointment-based service.