Four-Year Academic Roadmap

The four-year roadmap provides a concise guide for getting the most out of your academic college experience from start to finish.

The roadmap encourages you to explore various resources and build on your experience from year-to-year to optimize your opportunities and create a solid foundation for life after graduation.


Find your stride

Find your stride

  • Get involved! Explore Campus Activities to find clubs, events and/or volunteer opportunities that work for you. Make personal connections and build relationships with fellow Mountaineers.
  • Explore majors. Get to know your peers and professors to ask questions about possible career paths. Discover which major is the best fit for you and your career goals.
  • Get familiar with your academic support network. Resources such as the Belk Library, University Writing Center and Student Learning Center will enhance your coursework and help you build connections. 
  • Build good study habits. Utilize the Tutoring Center to improve your understanding of course materials and gain effective study skills that will help you keep your grades on track.

Sophomore Year

Develop career and leadership experience

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  • Take on a mentorship role or leadership position. Transition into new responsibilities, help your fellow Mountaineers find their stride, or find ways to enhance community involvement.
  • Build your resume through job experience. Whether on- or off-campus, seek an oppotunity to gain some work experience. Set up an appointment through Handshake with the Career Development Center to research career options, future internships, and relevant skills to work on.
  • Ask your professors about observation experiences in your field of interest. This can help you determine whether you are on the right career path and could be beneficial for future graduate programs.
  • Declare your major! Check DegreeWorks to make sure you have met the requirements to declare your major of choice.

Junior Year

Start building your professional presence

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  • Set yourself up for success. Create and refine your resume. Practice your interviewing skills, attend career fairs and develop a LinkedIn profile.
  • Check your academic progress. Talk to your advisor and use DegreeWorks to make sure you are on track to graduate.
  • Explore and apply for internship opportunities. Internships are a great way to gain relevant work experience and build networking connections in your chosen field. Internships can alse give you an edge if you are considering a graduate program.
  • Consider participating in a research project. Student research is a great way to engage with your coursework, develop skills, and build and contribute to deeper understanding of a topic.
  • Practice self-care! College can be stressful at any point in the journey. Taking care of yourself is an important part of maintaining a balanced lifestyle, and helps you perfom well in all aspects of life. If you are feeling overwhelmed, check out the Wellness Center or schedule an appointment with counseling

Senior Year

Setting up for your next steps

Graduation cap

  • Complete your senior check and apply to graduateDon't forget to order your cap and gown.
  • Finalize your resume and begin applying for jobs. Use Handshake to explore job postings and to schedule practice interviews with the Career Development Center.
  • Considering graduate school?* Explore programs best for your major and career goals and work on submitting your application materials. Prepare for and take the GRE/GMAT/Praxis/LSAT, depending on which is required for your program of choice. (*Students applying to graduate health programs should begin this process the summer after junior year. )
  • Celebrate all you have accomplished!