Time Management

Managing your time is an essential skill needed for your college success. Follow these steps to creating a semester long time management plan to ensure your academic and personal success! 

Create a Semester Plan.

  • Fill out a Semester Plan with all of your due dates!
  • Review all syllabi and enter in all deadlines on a master calendar. Add new deadlines to the calendar as you learn about them.

Set a Schedule. Create a weekly plan.

See this tutorial to learn more about how to make this work for you!

Set goals: Setting short-term, mid-range, and long-term goals can give you something to focus on and direction.

Don't be afraid to set goals just because you can't always reach them: It can take multiple tries. Set realistic goals. Sometimes you can't get everything done, because it is just too much!

  • To-do list- Short-term goals for this week/today; Create daily, weekly, monthly to-do lists. Refer to the big ones once a week, and create a fresh daily list at the start of each day/week.
  • Create SMART Goals- Midterm/long-range goals; When explaining your goals, you may realize that you are not pursuing a goal because it just isn't that important to you. That can be helpful to realize, too.

Use technology to help!

Since AppState is a Google campus, using Google Calendar can be a useful tool to help you manage your time. Benefits include:

  • syncs easily with your phone,
  • allows you to add digital tasks and reminders (follow this link to learn how),
  • provides options for notifications,
  • allows you to invite others to meetings,
  • has a Zoom option already available, 
  • allows you to import deadlines from AsULearn (follow this link to learn how), and
  • you can also add the official AppState academic calendar and even sports events to your Google calendar by following the directions at this link.
  • The Google Calendar phone app also provides a way to set and schedule goals for yourself, with notification.

Click on the tutorial below to learn how to make Google Calendar work for you, especially with online classes.

Finishing Projects/Papers

Start preparing for those larger projects early so that you're not pushed for time at the end of the semester. Create a Reverse plan for a large project. See the tutorial below to learn how.


Finish the semester strong by creating your final exam plan!

Final exam plan - Laying out everything you have left to do for the semester can help you plan out how much time you need to devote to certain tasks.

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Making the Most of Your Time

Click the graphic above to learn about how to make the most of your time. Then, check out some of these essential time management resources: 

Find out what our student workers do to manage their time! 


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