Summer 2022 Hours and Closures

  • Virtual, appointment-based tutoring is available Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm
  • Summer Session I:  May 23 - June 24
  • Summer Session II:  July 5 - August 5
  • No appointments will be available Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day)

Courses Available for Tutoring

At the bottom of this page is a list of courses for which tutoring is provided this Summer 2022.  If your course isn't listed, complete the Request for Academic Support form.

How to Schedule an Appointment

  • You can schedule an appointment as early as one week in advance and up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment via TracCloud
  • You are able to schedule five appointments per week per course. You are also able to schedule back to back appointments with a tutor
  • Log into TracCloud with your Appalnet username and password and follow the instructions after login to begin the scheduling process for an Online UTS visit
  • You may want to watch the brief instructional YouTube clip that will visually guide you through the process prior to clicking on the "Schedule a Tutor" link below

Student Expectations

  • To cancel or reschedule an appointment without a penalty, contact the Student Learning Center at least two hours before the scheduled appointment by calling 828-262-2291 or emailing student-learning-center@appstate.edu
  • Three missed appointments will result in the loss of tutoring privileges
  • Missed appointments will be received for the following:
    • Canceling less than 2 hours prior to the appointment
    • Failure to arrive to the appointment
    • Consistent tardiness or leaving the appointment early
  • Tutors will not complete assignments for you and are encouraged to terminate a session(s) if they feel you are placing inappropriate expectations on them


For assistance, call 828-262-2291 or email us at student-learning-center@appstate.edu.

Tutored Courses

CourseCourse Name
ACC_2100Prin Of Accounting I
CHE_1101Introd Chemistry I
CHE_1102Introd Chemistry Ii
CHE_2202Organic Chemistry Ii
CHE_2210Quantitative Analysis
CSD_2259Communication Disorders
CSD_2260Anat Phys Sch/Hear Mech
ECO_2030Principles Of Microeconomics
ECO_2040Principles Of Macroeconomics
FIN_2860Personal Finance
FIN_3680Introduction To Finance
HIS_1102World Civilization Ii
HIS_1110History And Culture
HIS_1120Society And History
HIS_1400World Empires
HIS_2201Sur Amer Civ To 1876
MAT_0010Developmental Math
MAT_1010Introd To Mathematics
MAT_1020College Algebra W/Applic
MAT_1035Business Math With Calculus
MAT_1110Calcul Analy Geom I
MAT_1120Calcul Analy Geom Ii
MAT_2130Calcul Analy Geom Iii
MAT_2240Introd To Linear Alg
PHY_1104General Physics Ii
PS_1100Amer Nat Govt & Polit
PSY_1200Psychological Foundations
SOC_1000The Sociological Perspective