Each semester App State students can serve in a variety of positions in the Disco Student Learning Center. These positions include: Peer Tutors, Front Desk Assistants, Peer Academic Coaches, Academic Services for Student Athletes Study Hall Monitors, and Graduate Student Employees.

Students with federal work study are encouraged to apply for all positions, especially front desk positions. Students who wish to apply to serve at the Disco Student Learning Center should complete an application using one of the following links.

Undergraduate Student Employment

Position Description

Tutors assist undergraduate students in developing and improving their competency in course work, and help students integrate and apply academic success skills to their specific courses. Tutors work with students in various programs through a variety of innovative, peer tutoring models that foster self-advocacy, cultivate academic independence, and facilitate student connections to resources.


  • Provide academic assistance to tutees, individually or in a group, both in-person and online. Design and implement workshops that address foundational course concepts. Create and curate subject matter resource materials. Facilitate study groups.
  • Assist students in achieving a better understanding of specific subject material, developing a positive attitude toward learning, and improving academic capabilities.
  • Establish liaison with instructors to promote tutoring services and stay abreast of course curriculum. Have a willingness to work well as a team member. Communicate promptly and professionally with supervisory personnel as needed.
  • Attend training sessions to achieve CRLA Level I certification within the first semester of employment. Keep records on each student who is being tutored. Be punctual and maintain a reliable work schedule. Promote an ethical learning environment by adhering to Appalachian State University’s Academic Integrity Code. Maintain confidentiality at all times, per FERPA regulations.


  • Must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student at Appalachian State University and have earned a minimum of 12 credits at Appalachian State University.
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher, have earned a B or higher in the course(s) you wish to tutor (or a course higher in sequence and/or equivalent experience), and be recommended by a faculty member in the subject area you wish to tutor.
  • Must have a flexible work schedule of approximately 5 - 10 hours per week to meet program needs and the ability to tutor for a minimum of 3 subjects and/or courses. Tutoring services are offered Sunday through Thursday, including evenings.
  • Must possess excellent communication skills and the ability to adapt teaching methods to meet the needs of diverse students, as well as a desire to see students succeed.
  • Must demonstrate an enthusiastic attitude and professionalism, including reliability and punctuality.

Application Information

  • Salary range: $9.00 per hour
  • To apply, submit the following materials through Handshake.
    • Resume
    • List all of the courses for which you are applying to tutor. Tutors are hired as needed for most 1000 and 2000 courses in the following subjects: ACC, AST, BIO, CHE, CS, CJ, ECO, ES, FIN, FRE, GER, JPN, LAW, MAT, NUT, PHY, PSY, SNH, and STT.
    • List of references (name, email address, and phone number of one instructor in each of the subject areas you wish to tutor).

Position Description

Peer Academic Coaches (PACs) are upper-level, undergraduate students, selected for their exceptional academic habits and interpersonal skills, who receive training in evidence-based coaching strategies. PACs empower students to be self-directed learners and overcome barriers to their academic success through guided weekly meetings on topics such as time management, study skills, organization, campus resources, and goal setting.

PACs meet one-on-one with students to develop personalized academic success plans, facilitate weekly "topic-specific" group sessions on a variety of academic success strategies, and host virtual study space to provide structure, accountability, and community.

Specific Duties

PACs are paired with First-Year Seminar sections and host weekly FYS “Office Hour” sessions, where they discuss relevant topics including time management, study strategies, and campus and community resources. Office hours can also be used for virtual study spaces and building community.

In addition, PACs will designate 1-3 hours of availability each week for individual appointments. Any undergraduate student at App State can book an individual appointment with a PAC via TutorTrac.

PACs will participate in weekly supervision as well as training and professional development sessions throughout the semester.


  • Must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student at Appalachian State University, at the junior or senior level at the time of employment.
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher.
  • Must have approximately 5 - 10 hours per week of availability.
  • Must possess excellent communication skills and the ability to adapt teaching methods to meet the needs of diverse students, as well as a desire to see students succeed.
  • Must demonstrate an enthusiastic attitude and professionalism, including reliability and punctuality.

Application Information

  • Salary range: $9.00 per hour
  • To apply, submit the following materials through Handshake.
    • Resume
    • Unofficial Transcript
    • List of references (name, email address, and phone number of at least 1 instructor familiar with your academics).

Location: DD Dougherty Hall (and satellite study hall locations)
Supervisor: Taylor Webster, Learning Specialist & Coord. Of Learning Services

The purpose of the Study Hall Monitor position is to support the mission of Academic Services for Student Athletes by providing an environment for learning and academic support. Study Hall monitors will oversee daily operations of student-athlete academic study halls.

Refer to https://universitycollege.appstate.edu/asa for more information about our mission, structure and those that we serve.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Monitor check-in/check-out for all student-athletes attending study hall
  • Enforce all SLC facility rules and ASA Study Hall guidelines
  • Report any issues to Supervisor or ASA Staff member in a timely manner
  • Facilitate a study hall environment conducive to learning
  • Maintain a clean work environment
  • Assist with additional tasks as needed

An ideal candidate will have the ability to interact with students and help connect them with campus resources as needed. Candidates should be knowledgeable of Appalachian State University so that they may field general questions regarding the student experience, campus and resources. Candidates chosen for this role will be an authority figure during daily study halls and expected to enforce all rules set forth by ASA and Appalachian State. Training sessions will be provided prior to the start of services in the Fall.

Required qualifications include:

  • Undergraduate Student with Junior or Senior standing
  • Cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher
  • Availability to work 5 – 10 hours per week
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Knowledge of Appalachian State and its campus resources
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Applications
  • Effective organization skills

Preferred availability: ASA Study Halls run Sunday-Friday and have several shifts available between 8 am – 5 pm, along with some evening hours (6:00 pm – 9:00 pm)

Position will earn $9/hour

How to Apply:
Students can apply through Handshake
Materials Required: Cover Letter, Resume and List of References

Graduate Student Employment

Overview of Position

The As-U-R Program at Appalachian State University is served within the Student Learning Center that strive to provide exceptional support to special populations across campus. As-U-R is a special population that is served within the Student Learning Center, though our satellite office is located within Edwin Duncan 213. As-U-R specifically targets students who struggle with executive functioning tasks and all students admitted to the As-U-R program have been identified as needed support in executive functioning skills such as organization, time management, cognitive flexibility, task initiation, monitoring, and working memory. Approximately 70-80% of students in the As-U-R program have an identified learning differences such as ADHD/ADD, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, processing disorders, anxiety, depression, or other similar diagnoses. As-U-R currently serves a maximum of 100 students through intensive academic mentoring, accountability measures, specialized content courses, and drop-in style support while working closely with the Student Learning Center and other campus units to ensure students are receiving comprehensive academic support during their academic journey at Appalachian.


This position allows flexibility in creating your own hours with your caseload of students. As-U-R Mentors provide intensive weekly academic assistance to As-U-R students. This includes providing creative solutions for struggling students, organization assistance, weekly planning, and accountability.

  • Provide academic assistance to As-U-R students
  • Maintain regular caseload of As-U-R students each semester
  • Teach appropriate academic learning strategies
  • Connect students with other campus resources
  • Communicate with As-U-R Director daily about student progress
  • Monitor Study Central activity
  • Assist students with planning and organization
  • Maintain documentation of As-U-R students
  • Encourage academic independence and provide student accountability


Executive Function Challenges are often a result of an identified learning difference, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, processing disorders, specific learning disabilities or anxiety or depression. As a result, students with experience working with diverse learners are encouraged to apply.


$15.00/hour (or $4,500 for the semester) for 10, 15, or 20 hours per week.


Ellen Bunn
As-U-R Director

To apply, please attach a resume and cover letter in email to the As-U-R Director (bunnek@appstate.edu).