Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the application process for being admitted to As-U-R?

As-U-R admission first requires admission to Appalachian State University through their admissions process.  Once a student has been admitted, they may apply to As-U-R using the application listed on the left-hand side of our web page. It is important for the student to submit their own As-U-R application and to be as thorough as possible in their answers. Once the As-U-R Director receives the application, the student will be contacted via email to set up their on-campus interview. This traditionally takes place during the student’s assigned orientation date over the summer, though scheduled interview dates before orientation are also acceptable. This interview will last for approximately one to one and a half hours. During this time, the As-U-R Director and Learning Specialist will engage in a face to face interview with the prospective student, followed by the administration of two self-assessments: The BRIEF-A (Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function - Adult Version) and the LASSI (Learning and Study Strategies Inventory). If admission is granted to the prospective student, this information will be used for the student’s learning profile, in order to allow their mentor to provide the most applicable support possible throughout the course of the semester.

*Please note that interviews are held with prospective students only. Parents will be asked to wait outside during the scheduled interview time. Additionally, prospective students are encouraged to be the primary contact when scheduling an interview time with the As-U-R Director and Learning Specialist. 

Who can apply to As-U-R?

Any degree-seeking student who attends, or plans to attend Appalachian. As-U-R admits incoming freshman, transfer students, current students, and does mid-semester rolling admissions for current students, depending on program capacity. 

Does my student need to reapply for acceptance each year?

No, when a student is admitted to As-U-R they are retained in our program until graduation. Support plans often differ from semester to semester, but As-U-R services are guaranteed, providing that the student maintains the expectations listed in the As-U-R contract.

Do you provide content/subject-based tutoring?

No, our support staff is trained to provide organizational assistance and executive skill coaching, but all Appalachian students can receive content tutoring from University Tutorial Services, housed in the Student Learning Center. As-U-R mentors will assist students in obtaining a content-based tutor.

Do we need to submit any documentation to your office?

No. The only office that will require documentation is the Office of Disability Resources (ODR). Many of our students receive accommodations through their office, though this is not a requirement for acceptance into our program.

What housing accommodations do you all provide?

We do not oversee any of the housing processes. Students that wish to have a single room will need to talk to the Office of Disability Resources about this accommodation, but ultimately this decision resides with University Housing. If a student does not receive a single room on campus, there are many one-bedroom apartments that are walking distance to campus.  

Is there a fee associated with your program?

No, our program is 100% free.


Do you assist with class registration and advising?

No, our office does not advise students, but we assist in reminding them to schedule advising appointments with their assigned advisor before registration.

Can you provide updates about my student’s grades?

No, under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (FERPA), Appalachian State University is restricted in releasing student information without the consent of the student. More information about this can be found on the Office of the Registrar website. Additionally, we strongly value the ownership our students take for their own academics within our program. If there are questions about grades, we encourage you to contact your student to have this discussion.

Will you email my student’s professors if issues arise?  

Most of the time, no. Again, we value the independence of our students, but we do coach students on self-advocacy and how to handle issues with professors. We encourage all As-U-R students to be self-advocates and discuss their role in As-U-R, or any accommodations they may have, with their professor at the start of the semester. Occasionally, professors will reach out to us, but we very rarely will initiate contact with a student’s professor. We do receive Academic Progress Reports (APRs) from professors mid-semester regarding academic progress in their course, but this is one of the only instances of communication between As-U-R staff and faculty. If a student feels they are not given the rights to use their accommodations, students will need to make an appointment with ODR to discuss this issue. We coach our students through incidents that come up and assist in establishing next steps, as well as initiating lines of communication with the proper campus resources.

Do most students in the As-U-R Program graduate in four years?

It varies. Many of our students choose to take 12 credits for their first semester to ensure a smooth transition into college. This is a great discussion to have before a student arrives at Appalachian. Discussing realistic academic expectations that will assist in ensuring success for your student is important. Some of our students enter college with the intent of graduating in five years, while some choose to finish in four. This is individual preference and ultimately will need to be discussed prior to the start of the semester. Please keep in mind that 12 credits is the minimum number of credits needed to be a full-time student.

What are the most common campus resources you refer students to?

-The Office of Disability Resources

-University Tutorial Services

-Counseling and Psychological Services (on-campus individual and group counseling available, off-campus counseling is referred, as well)

-University Writing Center


-Academic Strategy Instruction

-ASU Psychology Clinic


Does As-U-R provide support over the summer?

Yes, we are able to provide one-on-one support to all As-U-R students needing assistance for their summer courses. Students staying at Appalachian over the course of the summer session to take on-campus classes will be granted in-person mentoring. Students taking online courses and living somewhere other than Boone have the option to receive support via Google Hangouts from our staff, on an as needed basis.

Does As-U-R assist with daily living skills or social skill support?

No, As-U-R primarily assists students with executive functioning tasks that are related to academics. Students that would like additional support are encouraged to consider taking part in Appalachian’s Level-Up group offered through the Communication Sciences and Disorders department. We do provide many social opportunities within As-U-R for our students. These community events range from cookouts to Twister tournaments and are offered several times per semester. Additionally, As-U-R puts on an annual benefit each spring for students to showcase their successes and challenges with their family, friends, and other campus partners.

How many students are in the As-U-R Program?

We have the capacity to support approximately 100 students at any given time. In addition to our full-time staff (As-U-R Director and As-U-R Learning Specialist), As-U-R has a support staff team of seven graduate assistants that intensively support our student population. 


Does As-U-R admit graduate students?

No, at this time As-U-R only serves the undergraduate student population.