Eligibility & Application


Any degree-seeking undergraduate student who attends, or plans to attend Appalachian is eligible to apply. As-U-R admits incoming freshman, transfer students, current students, and does mid-semester rolling admissions for current students, depending on program capacity. When a student is admitted to As-U-R they are retained in our program until graduation.

Executive Function Challenges

As-U-R is an intensive student support program focused on supporting students with executive function challenges (EFCs). Skills related to academic success, such as organization, planning and setting priorities, getting started and completing tasks, monitoring progress on tasks, and decision-making are referred to as executive function skills.

Executive function challenges are defined as chronic difficulties in organizing, planning, and carrying out tasks and can make success in college-level academics much more difficult.

Some college students with EFCs may have previously been assessed for or even diagnosed with ADHD or a learning disability, but others may not, despite struggling with such tasks.

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Application Process

Students must be admitted to ASU through the regular admissions process in order to be considered for As-U-R admission.

Applications for As-U-R are accepted on an ongoing basis from high school seniors, transfer students, and current ASU students. If you are interested in As-U-R, please submit an As-U-R application and contact us for more information. It is important for the student to submit their own As-U-R application and to be as thorough as possible in their answers.

Once the application has been received, the As-U-R Director will contact the student to set up an  interview.  This traditionally takes place during the student's assigned orientation date over the summer, though scheduled interview dates before orientation are also acceptable. This interview will last for approximately one to one and a half hours. During this time, the As-U-R Director and Learning Specialist will engage with the prospective student, followed by the administration of two self-assessments: The BRIEF-A (Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function - Adult Version) and the LASSI (Learning and Study Strategies Inventory). If admission is granted to the prospective student, this information will be used for the student's learning profile, in order to allow their mentor to provide the most applicable support possible throughout the course of the semester.