As-U-R is an intensive student support program focused on supporting students with executive function challenges (EFCs). Skills related to academic success, such as organization, planning and setting priorities, getting started and completing tasks, monitoring progress on tasks, and decision-making are referred to as executive function skills. Executive function challenges are defined as chronic difficulties in organizing, planning, and carrying out tasks and can make success in college-level academics much more difficult. Some college students with EFCs may have previously been assessed for or even diagnosed with ADHD or a learning disability, but others may not, despite struggling with such tasks. You can read more EFCs here

In summary, As-U-R provides a variety of supports and resources for students including:

  • Weekly organizational assistance from a Graduate Assistant Support Staff Member
  • Learning strategy instruction tailored to the needs of college students
  • Drop-in assistance
  • Quiet study rooms at Study Central in Edwin Duncan Hall
  • Specific training to address EFCs designed by As-U-R Learning Specialist
  • Access to assistive technology
  • Transition assistance for incoming, as well as graduating students
  • Coordination of individualized services offered on campus
  • Seminar enrollment opportunities 
  • Organized As-U-R community events

To read more detail about the supports As-U-R provides, please click here.

Students must be admitted to ASU through the regular admissions process in order to be considered for As-U-R admission. Applications for As-U-R are accepted on an ongoing basis from high school seniors, transfer students, and current ASU students. If you are interested in As-U-R, please submit an As-U-R application and contact us for more information. The link to our application can be found in the menu items on our webpage. After completing the application, the As-U-R Director will contact the student to set up an on-campus interview.

Thank you very much and we look forward to talking with you about As-U-R.


Student Testimonials 

“After five years in this program, As-U-R has taught me a lot of life skills and has helped me grow into a successful person who is going to succeed in the post-college life. As-U-R helped push me through”

-Dylan, Class of 2019, Import Operator for Epes Logistics

“As-U-R has helped me grow as a student and expand my character. Being a part of the As-U-R family allows you to connect with people who will be lifelong friends. It is a family environment and all about developing students into young responsible adults and prepare us for our future.”

-Shabazz, Class of 2019, NBA Draft Prospect

"As-U-R helped me cultivate the skills I needed to succeed in school and everyday life. Since entering As-U-R, I have discovered strength and confidence I never knew I possessed. Through emotional and academic support, As-U-R always got me to the finish line."

-Allison, Class of 2018, Youth Care Worker in the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Center at Grandfather Home for Children

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