Spring 2020 Student Art Contest

Calling all #Appstate Student Artists!

(Information on the Spring 2020 Student Art Contest for selecting UTS In-Person Tutoring Lab decor)

Overview and Entry Guidelines

  • The UTS staff, including Lab managers and current tutors, will vote on a gallery of submitted artwork for consideration. Eleven pieces will be selected for for decor in the University Tutoring In-Person Lab space, Room 208 D. D. Dougherty. Of the works chosen, the original artwork will remain with the creator, and the image will be digitized for reproduction on aluminum panels for consistent presentation in the space. 
  • The timeline is as follows:  Submissions will be accepted (via this web page) beginning Monday, January 13, 2020 and the submission window closing on Friday, February 28th.  Voting will take place the following week, prior to Spring Break, and selected artists will be notified by 5:00 PM on Friday, March 6th.  
  • In addition, their will be cash prize placement awards based on votes: First Place - $200, Second Place - $100, and Third Place - $50.  Also, all artists who submit will be entered for a raffle that will also take place that Friday to receive a number of donated items and gift cards.

Submission Guidelines for Artwork:

  • Artwork can be in any medium or graphic design approach (digital file, etc.), but must adhere to a perspective ratio of either 1) Square  or 2) Landscape rectangle (ex. 5:7). Actual size of orginal work is not important as long as it adheres to one of these perspectives.
  • Artwork must be entered under one of the following theme categories. There are no restrictions regarding the approach used to convey the themes, i.e. realistic, symbolic, abstracted, collage, etc. 
    • Relationships: Effective tutoring and academic support only takes place in the midst of a respectful, positive and communicative human relationships developed by both participants (tutor and student). 
    • Academic Interests and Passions: The tutoring relationship is built around an underlying core academic pursuit. While students may be strongly challenged by a specific academic area of focus, tutors may be equally passionate about the subject matter and enthusiastically willing to share their experiences and knowledge base to help others connect with this subject matter.
    • Campus Life: Images and artwork that convey the AppState experience, culture, and/or environment in general will be considered. 
    • Personal Growth and Development: Challenging yourself and striving to do one’s best and become fully self-actualized during the time spent at Appalachian is an accompanying goal for most if not all students. Images that promote or reflect this journey will be considered.
  • All entries will be screened and juried in to the on-line gallery by a selected panel for voting to proceed. Selections will be based on factors such as 1) general appropriateness to the spirit of the contest, 2) degree of adherence to the establised themes, 3) professionalism and technical execution, 4) creativity demonstrated
  • Artists whose work is chosen for production must be willing to release copyright for reproduction of the work (to UTS ) on a panel (one instance only). 

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