Small Group Tutoring

About Small Group Tutoring - Fall 2018

  • Tutoring requests will be accepted beginning at 9 am the first day classes, Tuesday, August 21st, in person via the lab managers on duty in Rm. 208 D. D. Dougherty Hall. Scheduling confirmation will begin later the first week of classes, with the first possible start-up sessions beginning on Tuesday, August 28th.  
  • Primary course offerings we are funded to support are Freshman-Sophomore level Core Curriculum classes. Occasional due to volume demands, we extend our service scope by offering support for some junior level coursework. All UTS Lab (appointment based tutoring) sessions are small group sessions, meaning that 1-3 persons with the same course and professor may share a session. Individual sessions with a tutor are only provided to students with a documented accommodation plan via the Office of Disability Services. 
  • For more information  or to inquire about current courses supported, you may call (828) 262-3060 from 9 am-4 pm Monday-Friday, or email us at

How to request appointment based tutoring

To request a tutor and schedule a tutoring session, students must complete a Request for Tutoring form which is located in the tutoring lab (room 208 D. D. Dougherty). The Summer Session tutoring lab is staffed to receive requests Monday through Friday 9am-4pm.

With the assistance of the tutoring lab manager, a tutoring session will be scheduled and the student will complete a Tutee Contract form. This form clarifies what is expected of students attending sessions, provides the tutor's name, and specifies the date and time of the appointment. Tutors are given 48 hours notice in from the time of scheduling to the appointment date. No-shows or repeated cancellations will result in the student being removed from the tutor's schedule and may jeopardize future access to tutoring services. If no spots are currently available that work for you, your request form is placed in an "Active Hold" file and our lab managers will continue to check your request for matches as new times are posted. Though we will make every attempt to keep you informed as to the status of your request, you are welcome at any time to check back in with us or to alter the times that you are available.

Help Labs - Tutoring that occurs in a group setting on a drop-in basis

If you are unsure about the need for a regular appointment and just want a setting to work on your assignments and ask questions as they arise, you may want to consider attending a Departmental Help Lab. These centers have posted hours and do not require you to commit to regular attendance. The University Writing Center does require an appointment. Click on the UWC link to get information about this great resource in Rm. 204 of Belk Library.

About Your Tutor

Your tutor has been approved by the academic department relative to your course and has either been trained in learning skills or has demonstrated proficiency in these areas. The University Tutorial Services places a high priority on hiring tutors with patience, strong communication skills, and a pleasant personality.

Your tutor will challenge you to do your best and will expect you to come to your sessions prepared, focused and directed. They are to serve as your guide as you work to understand the concepts and complete your assigned work. Tutors will not complete assignments for students and are free to terminate a session(s) if they feel you are placing inappropriate expectations on them. Tutors may ask you to consider making changes in your study habits and/or your behaviors related to classroom learning.