Drop-In Help Labs & Help Centers

Fall 2018 Help Lab Information (drop-in, no appointments required)

Appalachian offers a number of Drop-in Help Labs where students receive free tutorial assistance without an appointment. Labs are staffed by qualified tutors and faculty members are often present in the lab to assist students. 

Help Labs will not be operational during any official University weather related closures or delays.

Choose from the following active Help Lab Center links for Fall  2018 information.

Drop-In Help Labs

For Assistance in ACC 1050, ACC 2100 & ACC 2110. Tutors are members of Beta Alpha Psi.

  • Schedule of Operation: 5:00-8:00 pm Mon, Tues, Wed 
    • First Day of Lab: Wednesday, Sept. 5th
    • Last Day of Lab: Wednesday, Dec. 5th 
  • Location: 3012 Peacock Hall
  • Faculty Advisor: Bill Pollard, pollardwb@appstate.edu, 262-6206 
  • Due to "Meet the Firms"  or Exam Days the Lab will not be operational on:
    • Wed. Sept. 26th and Tues. Nov. 6th for Exam Days
    • Meet the Firms Tues. Aug. 28th
    • Meet the Firms Thurs. Aug. 30th
    • Meet the Firms Tues. Sept. 4th
    • Meet the Firms Thurs. Sept. 6th
    • Add'l closures / Wed. Oct. 10th, Mon. Nov. 19th, Tues. Nov. 20th

Fall 2018 Tutors

Anderson, Colbyandersoncg1@appstate.edu
Brand, Jessicabrandjl@appstate.edu
Brown, Vanessabrownvu@appstate.edu
Carmody, Kylecarmodyke@appstate.edu
Doyle, Katherinedoylekm@appstate.edu
Lee, Jeongwookleej6@appstate.edu

For drop-in assistance with most Freshman-Junior level Chemistry coursework. Lab is staffed by faculty approved tutors.

  • Schedule of Operation: Fall 2018 
    • First Day of Lab:  Tuesday, August 28th
  • Location: D. D. Dougherty Hall, Rm. 143 (Advising Center Hallway Downstairs)
  • Lab Manager: Andi Olivet / olivetar@appstate.edu / (828) 262-3060

Fall 2018 Tutors

For drop-in assistance with Econ 2030, 2040, 2100, 2200 level coursework. Lab is staffed by tutors approved by the Economics Department.

  • Schedule of Operation: Monday - Thursdays 5:00-7:00 pm
  • Location: 208 D.D. Dougherty Hall 

Fall 2018 Tutors

Tutors are scheduled daily that can address all lower level Math Coursework and have also succeeded in the Calculus series, Real Analysis, Linear, Modern and the Stats sequences for secondary teachers. There will be someone there with Excel knowledge.

For assistance in most 1000-2000 level Math coursework. This lab is staffed by math tutors, graduate assistants, and Math Department faculty.

  • Fall 2018 Schedule of operation: 5:00-8:00 pm Monday - Thursday, 
    • First Day of Lab:  Monday 8/27/18
  • Help Lab Location: 103A Walker Hall
  • Faculty Advisor: Lisa Maggiore, lm72407@appstate.edu, 265-8647 

Fall 2018 Tutors

TutorEmail AddressMath Skill Set
Kaitlyn Burkett burkettke1@appstate.eduTBA
Matt Hefner hefnermw@appstate.edu 
Catherine Lattimore lattimoreca@appstate.edu 
Sydney Singleton singletonsl@appstate.edu 
Briquelle Martin  martinbl5@appstate.edu 
Ansen Gunawan gunawanjc@appstate.edu 
Leah Hurt (GA)hurtla@appstate.edu 
Peter Eller (GA) ellerp@appstate.edu 
Sam Powell (GA)  powellsp1@appstate.edu 
Charlotte Cave (GA) cavecm@appstate.edu 
Averia Padgett (GA) padgettag@appstate.edu 
Emily Yontz (GA)yontzer@appstate.edu 
Jose Salazar (GA)salazarj@appstate.edu 
Katelyn Benson (GA)bensonk@appstate.edu 
Matthew Owen (GA)owenmh@appstat.edu  
Abbie Roberts (GA)robertsag@appstate.edu 
Leah Newmannewmanle@appstate.edu 
Matt Medlinmedlinml@appstate.edu 
Corinne VanDorpevandorpeca@appstate.edu 
Karlie Neigelneigelka@appstate.edu  
Richard Shedenhelmshedenhelmrs@appstate.edu 
William Dulaneydulaneyw@appstate.edu 

For drop-in assistance with 1101-1151 level coursework. Lab is staffed by tutors approved by the Physics Department.

  • Schedule of Operation: Monday-Thursday 5:00-7:00pm
  • Location: 208 D.D. Dougherty Hall

Fall 2018 Tutors

Room 208 D. D. Dougherty (the UTS Lab) provides earlier tutoring hours in the areas of: Chemistry and Biology (Intro levels I & II), Physics (1100 levels), Exercise Science (1000-3000 levels), Math (MAT 0010 - MAT 1120 levels), Economics 2030-2040, Accounting 1050-2110,and Finance 3680. These represent core high demand courses that often are difficult to schedule during the posted times of many UTS Lab tutors. 

For assistance in this Lab, you will sign in at the UTS Kiosk at the Computer Lab end of the room, and will indicate your course needs.  Subject Areas will be identified by table placards.  

This year, there will also be a ZOOM online interface offering later evening (8:00-11:00 pm) Math 1020, Math 1025, and Math 1110 assistance in this setting. Stay tuned for an update!

Hours of Operation:  Tues-Friday 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Lab Manager & Tutor: Andi Olivet (olivetar@appstate.edu)

Fall 2018 Tutors

Robyn Blais               blaisra@appstate.edu               Soc/Psy focus           
Kaitlyn Burkettburkettke1@appstate.eduMath focus
Valeria Del Castilloroadelcastillov@appstate.eduBiology focus
Hannah Godfreygodfreyh@appstate.eduChemistry focus
Taylor Elslagerelslagertr@appstate.eduExercise Science focus
Steven Johannsonjohanssonss@appstate.eduCOB focus
Catherine Lattimorelattimoreca@appstate.eduMath focus
Madison Milesmilesma2@appstate.eduChemistry focus
Hannah Muuriseppmuuriseppha@appstate.eduChemistry and Biology focus
Karlie Neigelneigelka@appstate.eduMath focus
Caroline Piephoffpiephoffcc@appstate.eduPhysics focus
Grace Rogersrogersg@appstate.eduMath focus
Ivy Wagnerwagnerik@appstate.eduCOB focus
Alec Weidewiedeaw@appstate.eduBiology focus
Preston Wilsonwilsonpa5@appstate.eduChemistry focus

The Schedule of Tutors and Subjects below will be updated as new spots are confirmed:

SMB / (Science-Math-Business)
  BIO 1201, 1202, 1801, 1802CHE 1101, 1102, 2201, 2202MAT 1120 and BelowPHY 1151 and BelowES (all intro levels)COB (ACC 2100, 2110, ECO 2030, 2040, FIN 3680)            SOC & PSY (Intro Levels)      
Tuesday9-10Hannah Muurisepp Catherine LattimoreCaroline Piephoff Ivy Wagner 
 10-11 Hannah GodfreyCatherine LattimoreCaroline Piephoff Steven Johansson  
Wednesday9-10 Hannah MuuriseppKarlie Neigel  Steven JohanssonRobyn Blais
 10-11 Caroline GuthrieMadeline MilesKaitlyn Burkett  Steven JohanssonRobyn Blais
Thursday9-10 Hannah MuuriseppCatherine Lattimore Taylor ElslagerIvy Wagner 
 10-11  Catherine Lattimore Taylor ElslagerSteven Johansson 
Friday9-10Alec WeidePreston WilsonGrace Rogers    
 10-11Valerie DelCastilloPreston WilsonGrace Rogers    

For drop-in assistance withMath 1035 and Econ 2100, 2200 level coursework. Lab is staffed by tutors approved by the Math and Economics Departments.

  • Schedule of Operation: 5:00-8:00 pm / Monday-Thursday
  • Location: Walker Hall Room 105

Fall 2018 Tutors

The University Writing Center offers free services to students, faculty, and staff of Appalachian State University. Anyone who would like to discuss a piece of writing with an informed, sensitive reader is welcome. We are here to work with writers on a wide variety of projects: papers for academic courses; masters and senior thesis chapters; personal essays for job, graduate school, and law school applications; creative writing projects; grant or project proposals; and course syllabi. We work with writers at any stage of the writing process, from inventing topics to editing at the sentence level.

Go to http://www.writingcenter.appstate.edu for hours of availability! You can drop-in or schedule appointments (online).

The Geology Answersphere is the in-house tutoring system in the Department of Geology and the McKinney Teaching Museum. Geology majors are available to assist students in introductory geology classes. Funding from the College of Arts and Sciences makes the Answersphere possible.

  • Schedule of Operation: 5:30-8:30 pm, Mon-Thurs & Sunday
  • Location: 108 Rankin Science South (McKinney Teaching Museum)