Praxis Core for Education Majors

All information on the Praxis Core can now be found at a Google Site maintained by the Reich College of Education. You must log in to your Appstate google email in order to view many of the resources on this site.

Praxis Core Math

Appalachian students logged into their Google Appstate accounts can find resources here:

Praxis Core Writing

Appalachian students logged into their Appstate Google account can access review materials here:

Praxis Core Reading

Appalachian students can access resources at this link if they are logged into their Appstate Google account:

Should you want more intensive support, the Student Learning Center has partnered with Education Testing Consultants, offering online test preparation courses at a reduced cost to Appstate students. Follow this link to register for a course. Use the coupon code “DISCO” for your discounted rate.

Test Preparation Courses