Tips for Reviewing for the GRE General Test

This link will list the specific times per section on the GRE.

This link will provide information on the latest cost of the GRE General test.

This link will provide information on how each section is scored. It also includes information on (fee-based) options to report your scores selectively to different institutions.

Need help estimating what percentile you are scoring on a practice test? Magoosh has provided this helpful chart.

Tips for Reviewing for the New GRE Test

1. Get familiar with the practice test provided by ETS.

  • As you work through the problems, look up answers as you go. Don't time yourself yet. Just try each problem, and then correct yourself if needed. For the verbal questions, try to make sense of why the right answer is the right answer by either looking up words in dictionaries or analyzing the passage or sentences for clues. For the math sections, create a list of concepts to review, such as geometry rules, etc. based on the type of problems that are challenging to you.

2. Improve your math skills through practice. I tend to think of math as a muscle that gets flabby.

3. Verbal skills can be improved in general rather than directly. Here are a few ideas that may help:

4. Prepare for the writing portion by writing practice essays drawing from the pool of prompts provided by ETS:

5. Once you have reviewed, download the Power Prep II software from the ETS website and take the timed practice test to see how you are doing.

6. For other options, take a look at these resources (some portions are free, other services are paid):

7. Manage your stress--get exercise, take ten deep breaths daily and whenever you feel stress, and think positively. Check out this article from Chegg about the test day.

Best of luck as you face this challenge!

Further Advice

Be sure to find out what score or range of scores you need to be competitive for your program. This varies widely, so do not panic when you think about taking the test. Your overall academic transcript and relevant credentials will usually weigh more heavily than the GRE, although the GRE score might improve your competitiveness. Here are some links to sample programs so you can see the differences: (Speech Pathology) (Biology) (Accounting) (App State Fellowship) (Duke) (UNC)


Should you want more intensive support, the Student Learning Center has partnered with Education Testing Consultants, offering online test preparation courses at a reduced cost to Appstate students. Follow this link to register for a course. Use the coupon code “DISCO” for your discounted rate.

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