Study In-Depth

Study Cycle

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Graphic Organizers

When you come back to your textbook and notes to dig a little deeper, you may find these graphic organizers help you pull out key points in a way that will help you understand and remember more. Experiment to find what format works best for you or for what you are studying. No need to print these samples off. Find scratch paper and draw out what you are learning, make connections, and form questions to ask your classmates or professor.

Power strategy: plan deep study sessions twice a week per class. Be creative. Use these sessions to read more in-depth, write reflections, discuss content with a peer, or create a visual version such as one of the above graphic organizers.

One of my favorite strategies for deeper learning is to get connected to others, including classmates, professors, tutors, etc.

Sign up for tutoring. If there are no tutors for your course content, you might try Peer Academic Coaching instead, working with someone who will be a general study partner to you.