Elective Courses Offered

Spring 2019


How to register: Before the class starts, you can register using the campus registration system. If the course is full, it is sometimes still possible to make room for a few more students. Simply email the instructor directly requesting permission to add the class.

Note: Second half semesters allow two days for schedule adjustment. In order to avoid using a career drop, be sure to drop the class by the second day of the second half semester. If you enroll in the online courses that begin late in the semester, you must contact the Registrar's office for assistance by the first or second day of the class to drop it without using a career drop.

Course Descriptions

US 2000 Time Management in College

This class provides opportunities to explore and practice skills college students use to set goals, manage time, keep up with assignments, take notes effectively and study them efficiently, and fight procrastination. This course is for a grade and one-hour elective credit.

US 2001 Effective Study Skills

This class provides opportunities to identify effective and efficient ways to work with textbooks, master complex material, structure review sessions, and address different learning styles. This course is for a grade and one-hour elective credit.

US 3530 Technology for Enhanced Learning (formerly Learning Skills and Technology)

In this course, students will reflect on skills for academic success and develop their skills using technology, including common computer applications such as Word and Excel, and online tools such as Appalnet, AsULearn, and Google Applications. This course is for a grade and one-hour elective credit.

RE 1010 Power Reading

Students practice techniques to help them focus and concentrate, analyze how to be strategic in the way they approach different reading tasks, and explore methods to improve reading speed and comprehension. The course integrates study skills related to reading as well as a few insights into success with standardized reading tests. Offered in cooperation between the Reading Program and the Student Learning Center, this class is for a grade and one-hour elective credit.

Two NEW Courses!

US  3540 College to Career

Provides opportunities for students to explore and prepare for the transition from college to the job market. For Juniors and Seniors. Offered in partnership with the Career Development Center. This 1-credit hour elective course is graded.

US 3545 Information: Find, Evaluate, and Use It

Students will learn academic research skills which will be applied to a real-world topic, question, or problem of personal interest. Students will engage in an iterative research process where they will practice various search strategies and critically evaluate the usefulness of information. This 1-credit hour elective course is graded.