Tips and Strategies for Academic Success for Distance Education Students

Success with distance education classes requires strategies for time management and effective review. The following sites may include tips that you would find helpful.

Time management tips:

1. Create a weekly schedule to plan all of your commitments, including classes, work, family/friends, and study time. You need to protect at a minimum 10 hours of study time per week. At least 20 hours a week of study time is appropriate if your courses are more challenging.

This grid may be helpful: weekly schedule

Be sure to honor your weekly study appointments.

2. If you have any online classes, set aside three different appointments per week to work on course material, averaging 3-5 hours per week that you guard for this course.

3. Do not wait for deadlines. Start on all readings and assignments right away, and whittle away at them.

4. Be assertive in protecting your study time. Tell friends and family that you will be available when you are done.

5. If your schedule permits, work on your studies earlier in the day. Most students are more productive earlier in the day, and this arrangement can help you avoid procrastination.

6. Create a study space that aids your ability to focus. Limit distractions.

You can find tips for effective study sessions on this website.

As you may be aware, distance education students receive tutoring through the Smartthinking online tutoring system as well as the online writing consultations provided by the Writing Center.