As-U-R is an intensive student support program focused on supporting students with executive function challenges (EFCs). Skills related to academic success, such as organization, planning and setting priorities, getting started and completing tasks, monitoring progress on tasks, and decision-making are referred to as executive function skills.

Executive function challenges are defined as chronic difficulties in organizing, planning, and carrying out tasks and can make success in college-level academics much more difficult. Some college students with EFCs may have previously been assessed for or even diagnosed with ADHD or a learning disability, but others may not, despite struggling with such tasks. Learn more about Executive Function Challenges

We have the capacity to support approximately 100 students at any given time. In addition to our full-time staff (As-U-R Coordinator and As-U-R Learning Specialist), As-U-R has a support staff team of seven graduate assistants that intensively support our student population.

Our program is 100% free.

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As-U-R Services & Support

As-U-R provides intensive academic accountability to students through weekly one-on-ones with a Graduate Assistant Mentor, as well as assistance in creating weekly study times.  As-U-R is located in Study Central in Edwin Duncan Hall Suite 212/213 and is designed to serve as a library space and mentor meeting space for our students. We recognize some students have preferences for other study spaces on campus, but using Study Central as a primary study space gives students direct access to assistance from Support Staff, as well as an ability to engage with the As-U-R community of students.

Along with the intensive academic support that As-U-R students receive, community is also a large contributing aspect that makes this program successful. As-U-R produces an environment that is always positive and it is so encouraging to see our students motivate one another on a daily basis. Students are encouraged to participate in wellness and social activities together outside of academics, which is an important part of student stress relief.

In addition to weekly mentor meetings, we recognize that crises do occur. Students are always welcome to come seek support from the As-U-R Coordinator or As-U-R Learning Specialist on a drop-in basis if issues arise. Additionally, students seeking further assistance with learning strategy development may make an appointment with the As-U-R Learning Specialist to further dive into these skills.

As-U-R provides an ability for students to further engage with the As-U-R community, as well as learn relevant skills related to EFCs, through access to semester long seminars. These seminars are offered for elective credit and taught by As-U-R Learning Specialist, Ellen Bunn, and As-U-R Director, Jamie Inlow. While these courses are not mandatory, they are strongly encouraged. A list of current seminar offerings and descriptions are listed below:  

As-U-R Learning Strategy Seminar (2 credits - Ellen Bunn) -  Learning Strategy Seminar is best suited for students at Appalachian State who are newly involved in the As-U-R Program. It is a comprehensive course focused on providing students with a broad introduction to executive functioning and its impact on student success at a higher education institution. This course seeks to help students evaluate their learning habits and strategies and improve their ability to identify and implement effective skills and strategies related to executive functioning. The goals of Learning Strategy Seminar are to 1) attain an improved understanding of how executive functions impact academic and non-academic behavior and how to improve and develop executive functioning skills, 2) obtain strategies to improve performance in collegiate coursework and cultivate effective habits found in successful college students, and 3) build and maintain a positive and supportive As-U-R community. This course is generally only offered during the fall semester and can accommodate up to 30 students per section.

As-U-R CHOICES Seminar (2 credits - Ellen Bunn) - CHOICES Seminar is a highly unique course aimed towards middle to upper-level As-U-R students, although it could be appropriate for transfers or students with similar experience. CHOICES is an extremely deep introspection into the relationship between Executive Functioning, learning differences, and effective problem-solving. Executive functions are heavily rooted in problem-solving skills and students in this course unpack the features of problem-solving while analyzing and evaluating how their learning difference impacts their problem-solving process on an individual level. Additionally, this course provides a framework for continued improvement in problem-solving skills after the completion of the course. Students will receive extensive information and strategy instruction on models for effective problem-solving in a variety of situations, tasks, or events. This course is primarily discussion based and requires intensive student involvement and high levels of interactive participation. This course can accommodate a maximum of 10-12 students a section and is taught during the fall and spring semester.

As-U-R Leadership Seminar (2 credits - Jamie Inlow) - This course is designed for upper level As-U-R students, though not limited to this population.  This seminar has been coined the “Know Thyself” course and takes students on a self-discovery journey targeted at identifying student strengths, immediate academic goals, post-college goals, and how this applies to their personal leadership style. There is a heavy emphasis on public speaking, peer engagement, and getting comfortable discussing introspective thoughts and ideas. This course is ideal for students who are unsure what path they want to take while at Appalachian, as well as for those students that are upcoming graduates and beginning to consider their post-college options. This class is traditionally only taught in the spring semester.  

As-U-R students are given access to necessary study tools, such as highlighters, notecards, Cornell note-taking paper, and list and planner tools. Students also have the option to use Livescribe Smart Pens to assist with note-taking. Students can rent a Livescribe 3 Smart Pen with a notebook at any point during the semester from the As-U-R Director. Additionally, Study Central provides access to free printing and access to desktop computers, as well as PC laptops and Macbooks. Students can rent these from the As-U-R Director while completing homework in Study Central.

All As-U-R students are matched with a Support Staff Member to work with on a weekly basis throughout the semester. Every As-U-R students is required to have one academic check-in (minimum) per week with the As-U-R Director, As-U-R Learning Specialist, or another Graduate Assistant Support Staff Member. These weekly, regularly occurring meetings are a mandatory support for As-U-R students and are expected to be treated with the same priority as attending class. Expectations will be thoroughly discussed at the first semester meeting and an As-U-R contract will be signed between the As-U-R mentor and student. During weekly meetings with their mentor, students will receive individualized organizational support for the week, which includes creating a weekly plan for completion of assignments that are due, as well as assistance navigating ASULearn and ensuring that all assignments are submitted on a timely basis. Additionally, students have access to intensive executive skill coaching with As-U-R’s Learning Specialist, as well as with their trained As-U-R mentor. Lastly, As-U-R collaborates with other campus resources to ensure all As-U-R student needs are being met. If needed, As-U-R mentors will walk students to necessary campus supports, or assist them in making an appointment with the support, such as University Tutorial Services, The University Writing Center, The Office of Disability Resources, The Counseling Center, etc. As-U-R students are encouraged to take advantage of all of Appalachian's different types of support, and our As-U-R Support Staff is here to assist students in accessing each of these resources. The As-U-R Director and Learning Specialist work hard to create individualized support plans for each As-U-R student and academic needs are reassessed each semester. The amount of support each student receives varies by a semester to semester basis. Please keep in mind that receiving weekly one-on-one assistance is a privilege. If students violate the respect of their mentor by consistently not showing up, or showing up late, this privilege will be taken away. The ultimate goal for our program is to create academically independent students by providing intensive support in the beginning of their As-U-R program acceptance, with the intention that students will learn the necessary skills to take ownership of their education at Appalachian State University.


Students must be admitted to ASU through the regular admissions process in order to be considered for As-U-R admission. Applications for As-U-R are accepted on an ongoing basis from high school seniors, transfer students, and current ASU students. If you are interested in As-U-R, please submit an As-U-R application and contact us for more information. After completing the application, the As-U-R Coordinator will contact the student to set up an on-campus interview. Thank you very much and we look forward to talking with you about As-U-R.


The As-U-R office is located on the second floor of Edwin Duncan Hall, in Suite 212/213. You can also reach us by email at or by phone 828-262-6332.

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