Small Group Tutoring

Now offering In-Person Tutoring for a select group of courses

(find these in TutorTrac by selecting "InPerson_UTS" for the center when searching):

  • ACC 2100, ACC 2110
  • AST 1002
  • CI 2300
  • CS 1100, CS 1440, CS 2440, CS 2450, CS 2490, CS 3430, CS 3435, CS 3460, CS 3481, CS 3482, CS 3667
  • CSD 3368, CSD 3370, CSD 3372, CSD 3374, CSD 3380
  • ECO 2030, ECO 3010
  • FDN 2400
  • FIN 3680, FIN 3790, FIN 3890
  • GER 1020, GER 1050, GER 2015
  • HCM 4570
  • MAT 1110, MAT 1120, MAT 2030, MAT 2130, MAT 2240, MAT 3130
  • MKT 3215
  • PHY 1150, PHY 1151
  • PSY 1200, PSY 2210, PSY 3010, PSY 3207, PSY 3212, PSY 3213, PSY 3214, PSY 3653
  • SNH 1010, SNH 1020, SNH 1040, SNH 1050, SNH 1060, SNH 2005, SNH 2010, SNH 3035

Zoom appointments continue to be offered for other 1000/2000- level courses. Select "OnLine_UTS" for the center when searching in TutorTrac.

Please visit this page for resource links and support specific to these changes: Keep Learning during Covid-19

If you have specific scheduling requests/considerations or questions please initiate an AppState Zoom Video Chat with A UTS Lab Manager at the link below. They are available from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Sunday-Thursday for the spring 2021 semester.

Live Video Chat with a Tutoring Lab Manager

Make an online tutoring appointment:

Log in to the TutorTrac Portal Below with your Appalnet credentials (regular username and password, or banner ID in place of password) and follow the instructions after log-in to begin the scheduling process for an online appointment. You may want to watch the brief instructional YouTube clip that will visually guide you through the process prior to clicking on the "Schedule a Tutor" link below.  Note that you'll see two centers for making an appointment:  OnLine_UTS and InPerson_UTS.

How to use TutorTrac to Schedule a Tutoring Session

About Your Tutor

Your tutor has been approved by the academic department relative to your course and has either been trained in learning skills or has demonstrated proficiency in these areas. The University Tutorial Services places a high priority on hiring tutors with patience, strong communication skills, and a pleasant personality.

Your tutor will challenge you to do your best and will expect you to come to your sessions prepared, focused and directed. They are to serve as your guide as you work to understand the concepts and complete your assigned work. Tutors will not complete assignments for students and are free to terminate a session(s) if they feel you are placing inappropriate expectations on them. Tutors may ask you to consider making changes in your study habits and/or your behaviors related to classroom learning.

Learning Labs - Campus sites for tutoring that occurs in a group setting on a drop-in basis

If you are unsure about the need for a regular appointment and just want a setting to work on your assignments and ask questions as they arise, you may want to consider attending a Campus Learning Lab. These centers have posted hours and do not require you to commit to regular attendance. The University Writing Center recommends making an appointment but accepts walk-ins. Learn more about The University Writing Center, which is located in Rm. 204 of Belk Library.