Student Employment Applications

The Student Learning Center employs qualified enrolled students to work in a variety of support and leadership roles. University Tutorial Services seeks undergraduates with strong interpersonal skills and a high level of academic proficiency to work with their peers in a variety of subject areas. Student Support Services and the College ACCESS programs conduct a mentoring program in a supervised study hall setting and hire graduate students to work closely with participants. Support Services for Student Athletes oversees a similar supervised study hall component and also hires graduate students. For more detailed information and questions, inquire from the main page menu Staff Directory option.

Student Employment Applications

The College ACCESS and Student Support Services programs use different proactive approaches that provide structured one-on-one sessions with at-risk college students. These components provides individualized, supportive, and engaging opportunities for interaction between the graduate mentor and freshmen students.

Position Types

1) 10 hour Student Mentor Assistantship (PDF, 129 KB) 

2) 20 hour Student Mentor Assistantship (PDF, 63 KB)

Please Read Carefully before Proceeding:

You MUST use your account to apply via the Mentor Application form below.

You will have the opportunity to upload your resume withing the online form process.

Please provide the Reference Form link to two professional references.

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The Student Learning Center uses different proactive approaches that provide structured study group experiences and/or one-on-one involvement with students for at-risk college students. This program differs from traditional study halls because it is individualized, supportive, and provides opportunities for interaction between the study group leader or graduate mentor and the students.

Positions Available:

Graduate Assistants: Will be Study Hall leaders - Direct contact with several interactive study groups of student athletes for approximately 10-15 hours each week - MWF and TR sessions.

For more information, please contact Kayla Hill (, at 262-7914.

 Study Hall Leader Application

The link below will provide you with the opportunity to submit an application for consideration to work as a tutor.  Applications will remain active and under consideration for up to two semesters. Please understand that we hire based on our existing need for your subject area and skillset, or to replace tutors that vacate their positions during the semester.  You will only be contacted and scheduled for an interview/meeting if we feel we have an immediate need and can get you working soon. Most tutors are hired to work in a particular setting as follows:  UTS Small Group Tutoring Lab (weekly appointment based tutoring); LEAD tutoring (conduct weekly group sessons for Chemistry coursework); Departmental Help Labs (drop-in no appointment needed help settings in various Academic Departments around campus). Our current tutor payscale is as follows: UTS Small Group Tutoring Lab: $8 per hour ($9 per hour for specific course needs at the 3000+ levels); Departmental Help Labs: $9 per hour; LEAD Tutoring: $9 per hour.

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The Tutor / LEAD Tutor Application portal is currently closed due to a surplus of qualified applicants in needed subject areas. Please check back later.


What happens after I am offered a position based on the interview/meeting?

  • If after talking with you and deciding that you seem a good fit for our tutoring staff we will proceed with the following:
    • Student Employment Paperwork and Approval forms (this may take anywhere from a few days to over a week for final clearance to start working. This depends on whether you have previously been employed at Appalachian, or if not, what current access you have to important required documents such as Social Security Card, a Birth Certificate or valid Passport, etc. )
    • Read and sign a Tutor Contract and FERPA/HIPA (confidentiality agreements).  These outline the minimum expectations and requirements for professional behaviour and job performance as a working tutor.
    • Participate in a Training and Orientation session to become familiar with our TutorTrac (online) Interface, Payroll Processes, Guidelines and Resources for Effective Tutoring.  If applicable, we will also ask an on-duty lab manager to provide you with a brief walk-through orientation to the UTS Small Group Tutoring Lab policies and procedures for meeting-greeting clients, documenting your sessions, etc. 
    • Lastly, with our guidance, you will develop a schedule that best meets your needs and times for conducting weekly sessions. Once posted, you are ready to be scheduled with clients!
    • LEAD tutors will commit to participating in a slightly different training process than above, including a few additional intensive sessions relating to facilitating group sessions and working with faculty members, etc. 

How many hours are required and what days will I work?

  • UTS Small Group Lab tutors typically work between 4 (min) to 16 (max) hours per week depending on your personal commitments and available free time. You will structure your own work blocks in one hour slots to best meet your needs. These spots are recurring weekly (i.e. you will meet with the same student(s) each week at the same time until the last day of classes, pending the client doesn't officially drop tutoring or you decide to remove them for attendance or preparation related issues.)
  • LEAD Tutors are allowed a maximum of 12 hours per week. This includes 3 hours for attending lecture, 3 hours for study sessions, 2 hours of preparation time, and 2 Office Hours.  LEAD sessions are only held Monday-Thursday, typically between the hours of 5-9 pm. In addition, LEAD tutors also maintain Office Hours in the UTS lab for 2 hours a week, making themselves available for more individualized time with their participants. 
  • Departmental Help Lab tutors  with the assistance of the help lab supervisor (faculty member or UTS staff) will identify times and days that will work for you on a regular weekly basis.  

What if I made a good grade in a course but haven't had it in a couple of semesters?

  • You will be the person who determines what course levels you feel comfortable tutoring, then we will ask the Academic Department Chairperson (or in some cases your professor) to verify and sign off on your qualifications. Oftentimes, after a few sessions and review of your notes you may be surprised at how your confidence in the subject matter begins to return. You are welcome to inform the UTS Director that you would like a professor consultation, and they can arrange for you to be paid for a brief meeting with the course professor to help you clarify information or gain a better sense of their class focus and pace. 
  • You may also request a text book to use for the semester in coursework that you tutor. The UTS Director will provide you with a form to take to the bookstore to check out any rental resources that are availalble.