Questions For Parents to Ask

Questions For Parents to Ask

Avoid general questions like, "How's school going?" Get specific in your questions to encourage your student to open up:

Classes and studying

  • What class is your favorite? Why do you like it?
  • How are your classes set up this semester? Have you had any issues accessing content in your classes?
  • What class are you most concerned about this semester? Why?
  • Tell me about what you are learning in {insert class here}.
  • Have you been able to go to class everyday? If not, what's preventing you from going?
  • Where do you like to do your schoolwork or do online classes? (Desk, bed, kitchen table, etc.)
  • Is there anyone in your classes that you could connect with or study with?
  • Have you thought about signing up for a tutor or going to the University Writing Center?

Working with faculty

  • Does your professor have office hours?
  • Where will you go/what will you do if you have questions or need help?
  • Do you feel comfortable emailing your professors? I know of a resource that can help you prepare an email that is more in line with professor expectations; can I share that with you?

Daily life

  • What is your daily routine like? How is that working for you?
  • How much sleep are you getting? Are you eating well?
  • How are things going with your roommate?
  • What are you excited about this semester?
  • How are you spending your days? Are you studying regularly?