UTS Lab Managers Speak Their Mind!

Our UTS lab managers work so diligently to make sure our service component is providing top-notch resources. We wanted students and staff to get to know our lab managers a little bit better. Each lab manager was interviewed and asked several of these 5 questions: tell us a little bit about yourself, what did you think about the paperless and online scheduling transition, how would you describe the culture at UTS, what is your favorite memory, and would you recommend others to work here? Our lab managers all enjoyed making this video. Most of our Lab Managers are enrolled in a full, often challenging, load of coursework in addition to their role with us. Being a tutor or Lab Manager is a great opportunity to grow in soft skills, teaching techniques, and knowledge. Check out the video with the link below to learn about each lab manager and the environment that surrounds them every day in the University Tutorial Services Center. Watch the Video Clip!

UTS Lab Managers answer questions about their experience
Published: Mar 27, 2019 3:51pm