University Tutoring: On Going Paperless, Spring 2019!

The spring semester of 2019 brought a number of significant transitions to both the operational platform, and service delivery options provided to students via University Tutoring Services. Our center implemented a new workflow to finally achieve the long-term goal of going paperless in many of our request and documentation processes. In addition, the program administrators and the Assistant Tutoring Coordinators worked with RedRock Software developers to integrate a ZOOM online tutoring interface option into our academic support offerings.

With our demand for services during the spring semesters typically being slightly lighter, it was a good time to transition and test the waters on both of these fronts. The results can be highlighted in three areas:

  1. Available tutoring appointments for you subject area(s) can now be viewed and scheduled online by students. 
  2. Students can choose either In-Person sessions, or ZOOM online sessions to best need their needs, thus allowing appointment possibilities to extend from 8 AM - 11 PM!
  3. Students can access a Learning Lab link  to join an existing tutor rotational lab (no appointment necessary) and receive help remotely via the ZOOM interface.

In this clip, UTS Director, Lee Cope, and Student Learning Center Director of Technology Support, Wes Waugh,  discuss and explain how these changes evolved and were put in to place over time, with Assistant Tutoring Coordinator, Andi Olivet. 

UTS Going Paperless Spring 2019
Published: Apr 16, 2019 10:48am