A Snapshot in the Life of a Tutor and Client - University Tutoring Services

“Teaching is only demonstrating that it is possible. Learning is making it possible for yourself.”...Paulo Coelho

Tutoring Services Client: Kyera McCrimmon / First-Year (Psychology Intent):

“Working with Morgan has been extremely beneficial for me as a student. When signing up for the class, I kind of brushed it off and assumed that Geology would be a breeze; come to find out, I was wrong. I got my first test back and was ready to give up, considering I had never received a grade that low before. I like to consider college the big leagues and life at Appalachian is the roadway to my future. With graduate school in mind, an “F” felt like a punch to the gut. My “go to” was the easy way out, dropping the course. Although I weighed that option heavily, even up until the last minute, Morgan reassured me that I would be okay, so I decided with many people backing me that I would stick it out. A big part of my story that not many people know is that I am an ODS (Office of Disability Services) student. I do not rely heavily upon the services that I am provided if I so choose to take advantage of them, but it has allowed me to receive duly needed tutoring sessions before exams. My biggest take-away from this experience is that hard work gets you places and college is not ever going to be easy, but with determination, success is achievable. Also, historical geology isn't all that bad!”

University Tutor: Morgan Baker / Senior Geology and Recreation Management

“Kyera is an ODS student and was “kinda floating” through this class. She didn’t do super well on first test and was freaking out a bit by our second session. We spent that time talking about her options for dropping the class and I reassured her that dropping it would not cause her to graduate late, in fact she could get a minor too. She decided that she wanted to stick it out and try her hardest in the class. I talked to her professor separately and we worked out a solid study plan for her. The professor added me to the AsULearn page and we started assigning her "homework" for us to go over for each chapter during our sessions. She determined that she would try her hardest and her performance on the second test would tell us if she should stay in the class or not. Now at the end of the semester, Kyera has come really far from our first session and is excited for the environmental geology class!”

University Tutoring Interim Director, Wes Waugh

“Tutoring is never a quick fix and is always a two-way street. It requires that both parties, the client and the tutor, commit to working and communicating together in ways that often transcend the academic aspects of the subject at hand. Morgan and Kyera are perfect examples of applying the dynamics needed for effective tutoring/client relationships. Looking at options, discussing the specifics of the client’s situation, meeting regularly to get down to work, and charting progress over time; all factors leading to a successful ending for Kyera in this course and the gratification of a job well done for Morgan!”

kyera mccrimmon tutoring client and morgan baker her tutor
Published: Dec 13, 2017 1:26pm