Need a workshop for your class or organization?

The Student Learning Center is pleased to introduce our new menu of academic strategy workshops available for your class, residence hall, or campus organization, addressing a variety of topics related to student success. To schedule a workshop for your class or organization, complete this request form. 

Plan, Prioritize, and Take Control of Procrastination (time management) - College is overwhelming and it is typical for students to struggle to manage the multiple priorities and demands being placed on them. In this workshop, students will learn effective time management habits, including how to prioritize deadlines, combat procrastination, and promote a sense of balance and well-being to achieve their personal and academic goals.

Work Smarter, Not Harder (efficient study strategies) - For many students, “studying” has become synonymous with pulling an all-nighter before a test. In reality, cramming actually works against the way the brain naturally learns and processes information. In this workshop, students will be introduced to proven learning strategies, including how to use the study cycle, develop a study plan, and create intense study sessions that promote deep and lasting learning. 

Get Your Head in the Game (academic behaviors) - Intellectual ability alone does not necessarily determine academic success. Researchers have identified that non-cognitive factors, or behaviors, skills, attitudes, and strategies such as motivation, time management, and self-regulation, are essential to a student’s academic performance. In this workshop, students will gain an understanding of the academic behaviors and mindsets that cultivate academic perseverance. 

Life is Hard, Y’all! (stress management) - Stress is a normal part of life, yet managed properly, stress can be beneficial in the development of sustainable academic practices. In this workshop, students will learn how to use the upside of stress to cultivate stress management and self-care behaviors that replenish their motivation and promote good decision-making.

The Art of Reading (efficient reading strategies) - Reading is an essential component of the learning process. Yet, many students discover that they have not developed the kind of reading habits or skills that will help them be successful in college. In this workshop, students will learn active and efficient reading strategies to improve retention, reduce fatigue, and foster meaningful learning connections.

Jot This Down (note-taking) - Taking notes in class is a balance of listening for understanding and marking down important information. Many students try to transcribe everything the professor says and fail to recognize key concepts and identify what is relevant. In this workshop, students will learn tips for staying alert in class, identifying cues as to what information is important, and using effective note-taking systems.

Building Strong Academic Habits - Researchers estimate that more than 40% of our daily activities are habit-based. Most students developed academic habits in high school that no longer serve them well in college. In this workshop, students will learn the science behind creating and keeping habits that support their academic and personal goals. 

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3... (test-taking and test-prep) - There is no better feeling after an exam than knowing you crushed it. Yet, many students feel frustrated when they studied for hours and still don’t do well on the test. In this workshop, students will gain an understanding of effective strategies for test preparation, test-taking, combating test anxiety, and performing a post-exam analysis to improve future test performance.

Break It Down, Now (time management for research projects) - College students are expected to produce high-quality work. Still, many students struggle to break down large assignments into smaller, more manageable stages. In this workshop, students will be introduced to a step-by-step process for managing large research assignments.       

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Published: Sep 3, 2019 10:43am