Luke Adams Behind the Drums...Tutor, Lab Manager, and Musician

Have you ever wondered what tutors do outside of work and school? We have a wonderful example in Lucas Adams, a tutor and lab manager here at the Student Learning Center. Luke is currently a senior Actuarial Science major here at Appalachian. He’s always loved being a tutor, and works hard in all of his classes to maintain his outstanding GPA!  But what does he do in the little free time he has? He plays in his band!

Lucas and his friends Grey and Norren have been playing in their band, “Grey Oakes”, since they were in High School. They played a few small venues around Burlington, NC until they had the opportunity to record their first EP that released late 2015.

It isn’t easy for them to get together and practice because not all of them attend Appstate. So no weekly practice for these guys! However, they do meet up multiple times over weekends prior to a gig in order to prepare. Their gigs are usually on the weekends at local restaurants or bars, and have also played for school events at UNCW as well.

When asked about balancing work and school with practice, Lucas had this to say: “Balancing work/school/band isn’t necessarily too hard for us. Our lead singer and guitarist, Grey Oakes, goes to UNCW, so we usually cannot all practice together unless we meet around our hometown, Burlington. But between gigs, we still talk frequently about possible new songs to play, showing each other new original songs we’re coming up with, and other ideas for the band. We all enjoy being involved in a band and making music, so it does not feel like a heavy weight on our schedules. In our free time we choose to do this so it’s not much of a problem.”

To me, this is a big inspiration for those of us, including myself, who say that we’re too busy to do the things that we want. We could all take a lesson from these guys to just remember to have fun between the work and stress, and to appreciate the time we have in college as much as we can.

If you’d like to get a taste of their music, you can find them on Spotify and iTunes under the name of  “Grey Oakes”. They also have some videos on YouTube. If you’re interested in purchasing t-shirts from these guys, they’re now available for purchase, $15 each! Just email with the subject “Grey Oakes Shirt.” They would definitely love it if you did! And of course, if you’d like to book them for an event, you can email them at the same address given above, or give Lucas a text at 336-420-5567 

(written by Kaitlyn Burkett, Univerisity Tutoring Services Lab Manager and ASU junior Actuarial Science Major)

Luke Adams and Grey Oakes band member
Published: Apr 3, 2018 3:39pm