Fall 2018 Encouragement - from The ACCESS Scholarship Program, and the Student Learning Center!

As the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester approaches, one thing we know from past experience is that many students, faculty and staff at Appalachian can feel the excitement in the air. For many students especially, this may be accompanied by not-so-positive feelings of fear and anxiety as well. We want you to know several things: 1) This is normal, and 2) You can effectively pass through this gateway and succeed. Eliminating all unpleasant and anticipatory feelings is just not human, or an many ways... healthy. They often even play a role in preparing us for the challenges ahead. We feel that watching this video of James Terrell, one of our former ACCESS Scholarship participants, may provide some encouragement. In this video segment, James is addressing the participants of a national "On-Course" conference, and sharing his personal story. On-Course is a resource book and support program developed by author and educator Skip Downing. We have effectively used this book and resources in our Study Strategies and success skills related courses taught here in the Student Learning Center.

ACCESS Scholarship Students doing a team building activity
Published: Aug 16, 2018 12:05pm