"Early History of Appalachian State University" Exhibit Coming To D.D. Dougherty Building December 2017

Graduate students enrolled in HIS 5640 (Interpretation in Museums) at Appalachian State University are collaborating with the Student Learning Center, Belk Library Special Collections, and the ASU History Committee to produce an exhibition on the early history of Appalachian State University. This exhibit, supervised by Dr. Andrea Burns, will be installed in the lobby of the historic Dauphin Disco Dougherty Building in December 2017, and will incorporate historic photographs, artifacts, and other interpretive materials. We are especially pleased to have Doris Stam, author of Mountain Educators: The Dougherty Family and the First Fifty Years of Appalachian (Watauga Press: 2010), offering her guidance to students throughout the course of this project. Stam is a direct descendant of B.B. and D.D. Dougherty, who founded the Watauga Academy—now known as Appalachian State—in 1899. It is our hope that this project will make the rich history of Appalachian State University further accessible to all members of the Appalachian community, and will represent just the first step in a broader commitment to research and interpret our history.

Statement from the Student Learning Center:

"The staff of the Student Learning Center is excited to be participating in this partnership with Dr. Burn's and her graduate class members to help ring in our name change and rebranding effort with historical flair! Dauphin Disco Dougherty had a passion for education that played an instrumental role in the very establishment of Appalachian State University in 1899. We feel he would be pleased that the building named in his honor houses a Learning Center focused on helping all enrolled students achieve at their highest level academically."

Photo Caption: Dauphin Disco and Lillie Shull Dougherty, Appalachian State University Digital Collections, accessed October 6, 2017, http://omeka.library.appstate.edu/items/show/7506. Dauphin Disco Dougherty was the co-founder and co-principal of Watauga Academy (1899-1903), and treasurer and business manager of Appalachian from 1903 to 1929. Lillie Shull Dougherty was the official college hostess and taught music classes during the School's early years. She took over as treasurer and business manager after her husband's death in 1929, and retired in 1938. She died in 1945.

Dauphin Disco and Lillie Shull Dougherty
Published: Oct 6, 2017 4:43pm