Our Services

The Student Learning Center provides six core services. Two services, University Tutorial Services and Academic Strategy Instruction, are offered to all undergraduate students, and four services, ACCESS, Student Support Services, As-U-R, and Academic Services for Student Athletes, serve specific groups of students identified as needing comprehensive support.

Our Mission

The Student Learning Center embodies the public commitment of access to education for our citizens. Since 1972, our services have been designed to make higher education accessible by providing students the insights they need to navigate their college environment successfully.

Students come here to learn how to learn effectively. We believe that in addition to tutoring, study skills strategies and academic advising, our role is to aid students in gaining a deeper awareness of what helps them learn and succeed. In this role, we are available to all undergraduates at Appalachian through our tutoring and academic strategy instruction. Further, we provide holistic advising from orientation to graduation to the students who would most benefit from our services. We offer academic resources that will complement and enhance classroom experiences. In these ways, the Student Learning Center offers support to students to develop themselves in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

We are committed to the goal of a transformative education. We form relationships based on trust and genuine regard for our students as individuals. This kind of holistic advising and teaching enables us to connect students to resources on and off-campus that will enrich them academically, personally, and professionally.

The Student Learning Center is also committed to creating a vision of a just system of education. We treat every student with respect and dignity, and we celebrate the diverse ways each student at Appalachian has something special to contribute. To that end, our services are individualized because we believe there is no such thing as an average student. We approach our work with a commitment to flexibility to adapt to the changing and varying needs of our students. We are physically located in the center of campus and instrumentally positioned in the role of advisors, tutors, and teachers where we can be most present and available to our students.

As a unit, we are responsible for accuracy in the information we provide, in particular in compliance with specific regulations set by outside stakeholders, including the NCAA, the ACCESS endowment for students at or below the poverty level, and the federally-funded Student Support Services grant for first-generation/low-income students

We recognize that our students must become active participants in achieving success, including enhanced awareness of their responsibilities to themselves, this campus, and the greater community. In every contact with students, we emphasize and facilitate active learning as a means to engage fully in the opportunities at Appalachian. Through individual and small group instruction, we help students develop self-efficacy, interdependence, and a growth mindset so that they may become lifelong learners and engaged global citizens. In positive ways we challenge students to articulate and pursue prodigious dreams--to stretch beyond the familiar-- in achievable ways.

Our Staff

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