Our Mission

The Disco Student Learning Center serves students in gaining a deeper awareness of what helps them learn and succeed through tutoring, academic strategy instruction, and executive skill development. We provide holistic support for all students at Appalachian State University, empowering them to become active participants in a transformative education to meet their academic goals and achieve their academic potential. 

Our Vision

The Disco Student Learning Center seeks to adapt strategies and methods to meet the ever-changing demands of students in higher education settings by using current data and research to build intentionally inclusive models of academic support.

What We Do

  • Provide holistic mentoring, coaching, tutoring, and teaching that fosters self-advocacy, develops academic independence, and facilitates student connections to resources on and off-campus, all of which are designed to enrich their academic, personal, and professional lives. 
  • Form relationships based on trust and genuine regard for our students as individuals. Treat every student with respect and dignity, and celebrate the individual diversity each student at Appalachian contributes to campus and our community. 

Our Staff

Please visit the Staff Directory to learn more about our staff.