SLC Usage

Student Learning Center Statement on Releasing Usage Data

The Student Learning Center (SLC) will provide usage/access data based on the course enrollment. For example, if 34 students are enrolled in xxxx1301. We would share that 27 of the 34 students have accessed SLC services, or 79.4% of enrolled students have accessed services. We can break that down to include visit data if requested/needed. For example, 79.4% of students have accessed services, 34% have accessed services 2 or more times, and 25% have accessed services 4 or more times. However, in general, to protect the privacy of the students we serve and avoid introducing any additional biases, the SLC will not release data that shares specific student access/usage. In the event that professors wish to have specific information about an individual student accessing services, those requests can be made in writing to the appropriate SLC point of contact. The intent of requiring these requests to be made in writing, in accordance with FERPA guidelines, is to ensure the requester has a legitimate educational interest pursuant to FERPA prior to the release of any protected student information. Individual student data will only be released on a per-student basis and each request must be made separately. Current actively enrolled students will have access to their individual usage data for release at their personal disclosure. Additionally, unenrolled/inactive students wishing to access their individual access/usage data must also make their request in writing to the appropriate SLC point of contact.